FAQs- live streaming

Live streaming brings your event to a live audience. There are a range of factors that make a live stream a success. Here are some FAQ’s:

Q: How does live streaming work?

A; Live streaming is a technology that allows video content to be streamed over the Internet in real time. Video content is encoded on-site and distributed to client devices via a global content distribution network (CDN). Live-streamed content can be password protected for payment, shared and promoted via social media channels.

Q: Who can watch a live stream?

A: Live streamed video content can be watched on any device, anywhere in the world. Live streaming can be password protected for payment or geo-blocked for certain countries. Some business networks block video ports however viewers can connect via their tablets and smart phones whilst at their desks. Newcast offers a full support service should viewers have any problems connecting.

Q: Why use multiple camera angles?

A: Multiple cameras produce multiple shots, similar to a TV show or sporting event. Rather than just one angle which cant be edited,  they make content easier to watch as well as the reaction of the audience and the questions they ask. Our director ‘switches’ between the angles to create a TV-style effect which is edited on location. This cuts down postproduction time and allows us to upload your on-demand content sooner.

Q: What is on-demand?

A:  As soon as your live stream is finished, it is encoded and uploaded for viewers who were not able to watch the live stream. On-demand content can be password protected for payment, shared and promoted via social media channels.

Q: Why do the prices vary?

A: Prices depend on which live streaming provider we use and the amount of security, support and interactivity is required for the content. For example; a simple stream only event with no security or interaction has a different cost structure compared to an interactive, moderated and highly encrypted event. Also, an event which is outside with no hard-wired Internet connection or requires skilled camera operators can also increase the price.

We are always happy to discuss the processes, costs or any other queries relating to live streaming production anytime. Call us on (02)61404457