Live streaming in real-time, as it happens

Live streaming increases your audience by allowing viewers to attend your next event no matter where they are in the world. Newcast streams in High-Definition (HD) video for the best quality possible. We use multiple camera angles and embed speaker presentations to immerse the viewer completely within the event.

Latest Technology:  Newcast’s service is built around detailed per-production checkpoints to ensure bandwidth capabilities and dedicated connections for uninterrupted content streaming to the web. Our design team can create a custom web skin adhering to your company brand guidelines.

Your audience is growing

Newcast Live streaming

 Live Stream your next event to a global audience! Why not offer your partners a range of live streaming sponsorships or monetise your special guest speaker? It sounds too good to be true, but its a reality with Newcast live streaming. YouTube now supports live streaming from any channel which means you can notify your subscribers of upcoming events. With over 5 years on the market, Newcast is the live streaming expert and we work together with you to get the most out of your content.

Catch-up, on-demand

Live streaming canberra


Extend the life of your event: Newcast’s on-demand services extends your event after its finished; viewers can watch on-demand when its suits them. Clients can decide which events sessions to keep, where the content will feature and then the viewers can chose which sessions they want to watch. All on-demand content is supported by detailed user statistics and made available to any social media site.




Live streaming shouldnt cost the earth

Live Streaming Pricing

Simple Streaming

From $1000 / per event

Single camera

  • Name titles/Logos
  • No sponsorship
  • No slides
  • On-demand: 1 week

Encrypted Streaming

From $3000 / per event

Multiple cameras

  • Secure streaming
  • Systems check
  • Live Support
  • On-demand: same day


From $10 / per video

Yealry hosting

  • Secure servers
  • Switch sponsors
  • Includes slides
  • Embed on home page

Example #1: Outdoors event

Example #2: Multi-camera switch

Example #3: PowerPoint slides

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