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5 tools you need to make the perfect interview video

5 tools you need to make the perfect interview video

Sometimes in life we get the opportunity to make a video. If you’re a beginner or a pro, there are many tools you can use to tell your story. Together with these tips, it’s easy to create a perfect interview video.

We all have the goods to create a great video – our mobile phones! With a few tools you can capture the perfect interview video! Here’s how:

  1. Tripod – Buy a cheap tripod or selfie-stick for your mobile phone. It only needs to be high enough to shoot someone in a chair. Tripods are essential for the perfect interview video as they can be left to record while you ask the questions.
  2. Placement – When the camera is set up on a tripod, sit next to it and place your subject’s chair across from yours. This way the subject is looking at you, not the camera. The distance between you and your subject affects the sound capture so be sure to be as close as possible!
  3. Lighting – You can use anything from a desk lamp to a window, as long as the light isn’t too strong, and strikes the opposite side of the face to where the subject is looking. For example, if the subject is looking left to right, place the light to hit the right side of the face. Most cameras overcompensate for light so it’s important to try and match the lighting in the room to get even exposure.
  4. Sound – Choose a quiet room, preferably one with no running appliances (such as fridges, water taps, vending machines) and switch off the aircon. Try and set the camera as close to the subject as possible without getting in the shot!
  5. Keep it simple! The biggest mistake people make is that they record a 2 hour interview and don’t edit it! Be realistic, most people want video no longer than 2 minutes, so keep your interviews short and sweet. If you can’t keep it short, make multiple videos. Alternatively, we can edit your video for you, just use the contact form to get in touch with us!

By following these tips you now have the tools to shoot the perfect interview video!

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