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Add value with digital advertising campaigns.

Most businesses can’t find the time to do their own digital marketing. Newcast Studios does more than just video; we create and manage comprehensive digital advertising strategies that tie into our service offerings of video, design, and social media marketing.

Online videos are more effective than TV, radio, and other traditional media because they can target your exact audience. Rather than recycling standard TV ads, online videos must be unique, interesting, and engaging.  The team at Newcast produces unique ads created specifically for your target audience. Because we are a ‘full service’ video ad agency, we can offer discounts when you bundle our services. These include video production, photography, design and much more.

The best feature about video ads is that you only pay when your ad is clicked! Newcast Video Ads can play before a video begins on Youtube, be embedded in Facebook, and autoplay on Instagram and Twitter. You also get a suite of rich metric tools so you can see your ad working in real time. The data display where the audience saw your ad, how long they watched and which keywords worked. During the life of the ad campaign, Newcast Studios constantly optimises the keywords and placement of ads to get the most clicks.