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Live Streaming

Make your content a-live and streaming!

Live Streaming is accessible to anyone!

Newcast Studios has been Canberra’s market leader in live streaming for over 7 years. We have broadcast events with highly respected and widely recognised institutions. We take the hassle out by organising the event for you.

You can live stream to services like Facebook and YouTube – why not live stream your event professionally to a national or global audience? We have a range of pricing options available to suit your budget. From simple single camera streaming to multi-camera angles to integration of slides and video. We even have a wireless drone for that amazing aerial shot!

Live streaming includes a range of revenue options too, such as streaming sponsorship, monetising special guest speakers, and creating on-demand subscription libraries.

So, to discover how live streaming services can enhance your business, contact us with your ideas!

Responsive Live Streaming to all device types
Single fixed camera

Single fixed

We point a camera at the hub of your event and set it streaming to YouTube or Facebook.

Multiple fixed cameras

Multi fixed

We set up a couple of cameras to get a variety of views of your event and can switch between them depending on where the action is.

Multiple operated cameras

Multi operated

We set up a few cameras and stick an experienced operator behind each one so they can pan around and catch all the action at your event.

Our Live Stream Clients