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Video News Release

Dont wait for the media to come to you: Video News Release


The media industry is shrinking yet their demand for video content has never been greater. Press releases only go so far; they provide the story but not the content to go with it. Send the story to them: a Video News Release (VNR) for TV, online and radio.

A VNR is the effective way to provide a stand alone video news story, interviews and pictures of any event or announcement to news organisations. This eliminates the need for the media to travel. It allows media to either use the VNR stand alone or produce the story their way with the raw content provided.

Newcast Studios have produced VNR’s which have been picked up by TV networks, online news media and national news radio stations.

A ‘VNR pack’ consists of a short news story, raw footage and interviews, photos, an audio file and a text press release

If you have a product, announcement or event that requires some media attention, contact us to find out how!