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What is the key to a successful video campaign?

Video Production Canberra

What is the key to a successful video campaign?

What makes a successful video campaign?

The first step to using video successfully for your business is knowing what you want to say and who you are saying it to. It sounds simple, but we have encountered many clients over the years who decide they want a video, but have no idea what they want it for nor who or where their audience is. Knowing these things before engaging a video production company will ensure that you get the best product for your business and you keep your costs down.

Video is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, different mediums work with different kinds of video. On your website, testimonials, website welcomes and product demonstrations can hook clients in. On social media, quick, entertaining viral videos are the best way to keep people engaged. Understanding the medium and the best types of video for this medium ensures that your video gets maximum value and reach.

5 things to consider before producing a video
  1. Budget: Have you allocated a budget or are you happy to take the recommendations of the company?
  2. Target audience: have you done any research into your audience? Where are they and what do they like?
  3. Where do you want your video to be seen? Simple question but do you know?
  4. Have you set up the tools to convert new clients after they have watched the video?
  5. Do you want to be in the video or use your staff/clients?
How can online video work for your business?

Online video is a great alternative to TV commercials for small and large businesses alike. It is significantly cheaper than advertising on TV and radio, meaning it is more accessible for small and medium business. For large business, online video can extend an already existing advertising campaign to a different, more engaged audience. Online video can drive viewers to your YouTube channel, dedicated web channel or Facebook page and allow them to experience your product or service before they buy. Viewers can build trust and loyalty to your brand through testimonials, video blogs or product demonstrations.

Can I produce my own video?

Well, you can…but consider this:  75 hours of video content is uploaded every minute! If you’ve never made a video before then you will need to research the right equipment, the shoot and the editing. Video need to look professional (just like your business) to stand out from the noise. Successful online video campaigns require careful planning.

What makes good campaign?

Create an easy to navigate journey for the viewer from the video to the point of sale. YouTube & Facebook is a great place for this journey to begin – but keep in mind: people go to these channels to be entertained. When using Adwords for Video on YouTube, your video must be engaging; it must entice the viewer to click through instead of continuing to watch their video. After taking the decision to clickthrough, the viewer must continue to be engaged by your YouTube Channel, web channel or website. You want viewers to experience the product or service you are offering and take the next step to your point of sale.

Benefits of Online Video Campaigns
  • Mobile and tablet viewing is the fastest growing platform
  • Takes viewer directly to the point of sale
  • Target audiences & ad spaces
  • Viewers choose to learn and trust the product
  • Accessible to small and medium business
  • Rich analytical data available to learn your customers habits
  • Video Adwords drive a 20% increase in traffic to websites and a 5% increase in search volume.
  • Click-through rate for video ads is 27 times higher than traditional banner ads
Downfalls of TV campaigns
  • Very expensive to produce
  • Effective adspace not measurable
  • Rely on viewer to remember product and seek out point of sale – they cant click on their TV!
  • Passive engagement
  • No rich data available to determine the customers habits
  • Viewers tending to multitask while watching TV – not watching ads

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