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How does Newcast Studios produce a video?

How does Newcast Studios produce a video?

Here is what to expect when you produce a video with us!

Producing a video is an exciting process and we want to take you on the journey with us:

  • PRODUCTION LOGISTICS: once your quote has been approved we schedule the job for production. If we need any specialised contractors, we book the right people for the project as soon as possible. Our production management team then schedule the shoot, the editing time and anything else we need to produce a video for your business.
  • SCRIPT/STORYBOARD: every video needs a script to guide it. Depending on how much involvement you want in the script, our producers then meet to ‘brainstorm’ the concept as a timeline. This way we can work out how to produce the video in the most efficient way and delegate tasks to the production team.
  • SHOOT PLANNING: a purely logistical activity to determine the location, crew required, equipment required, weather forecast, if there are any OH&S concerns and if people will require food and water!
  • SHOOT DAY: depending on the budget a shoot can have a director, a producer, a camera crew and makeup OR it can be a simple 2 person crew who do the lot.
  • PLANNING: we look after all the planning and logistical management for our crew and anything related to the shoot.
  • TIME CODED VIDEO:  on request we will send you a time-coded version of the entire video interviews. Please send through the time-codes you want in the video back to us in a formatted document: 00:54 – Our clients are…01:23 that’s why we do it.
  • EDITING DRAFT 1: 60% completed – this is a rough cut of the shoot and any animation and branding will be in low resolution (meaning the images will look pixelated). The 1st draft is to get your overall feedback on the video to see if we are on the right track. We place a small time-code so you can give us accurate instructions on what should be changed. Duration: 3-5 days*
  • EDITING DRAFT 2– 90% completed – this is draft 2 with your feedback applied. Draft 2 will be nearer to the final version, however will still have pixelated images. Duration: 2-3 days*
  • FINAL DRAFT – this is 100% completed and for final approval. The video will be colour corrected, audio mastered and in high resolution. Duration: 1 day*
  • DELIVERY- When we produce a video, we deliver via dropbox 2 versions. A low resolution for social media and a high-resolution version for TV. We can also deliver on thumb drive.
  • FILE TYPE: all our exported videos are industry standard MP4. If you require the video in another format please let us know.
  • PAYMENT: unless we’ve requested a deposit, you will be invoiced for all work after delivery. Please note our payment terms are strictly 14 days. Please contact us if you cant pay in 14 days to avoid any late fees.

If you’re ready to produce a video get in touch and contact us.

*delivery times depend on the duration of the video, animation or branding applications. Every video is different.

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