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Video Production Mistakes: 3 problems that are easy to fix

Video Production Mistakes: 3 problems that are easy to fix

3 critical video production mistakes that businesses make when trying to communicate professionally and engage an audience:
  1. Not enough resources – it goes without saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ and this is even truer when producing video. It has nothing to do with how top-of-the-range your lenses are, it’s the types of equipment you use! Anyone can make a video using an iPhone, but to make a good quality video you need additional gear. Supporting resources such as lighting, audio equipment, and editing will improve your video tenfold. Simple techniques with lighting, mic placement, and snappy editing can drastically enhance the quality of the video you make.
  2. Not having a strategy– you could spend a million dollars making the best video ever, but without a clear strategy, no one would see it! Before creating a video, think about the platform you will use; where will people watch your video? How can they share it with their friends? Who is your target market, and what they want? One thing we tell our clients is to imagine what they like as a consumer of video and make that exact video!
  3. Not being tactical – for the most part, businesses jump into video thinking they have to make one because ‘everyone else has a video’, or they feel under pressure to market and grow the business in different ways. Video is not a fad, it’s a rich and effective tool to engage your market and invites people into your business. So it pays to be tactical, so plan your video production budget and formulate a strategy before jumping in.
Why does my business need video?
  • Video cuts through the social media clutter: There is so much social media clutter online; blogs, posts, updates, tweets, blah. When people scroll through their social timeline it is moving pictures and sound that stands out. Video cuts through the mess as its plays instantly and hooks people in. The more professional the content, the more interesting the topic, the more engaged people are.
  • Target particular customers: It’s important to target customers and what they want. Newsletters, emails and even cold calling can only go so far. Creating something people want to watch is the most effective way to engage an audience. Check out our video engagement tips for the type of content we recommend making to engage clients.
  • Professional appearance: Just like a website, photography and brochures you need to have a professional appearance when creating video. Your business is on show, so if you make poor quality content, your business can look poor!
  • Communicating your message: Video allows customers to get to know you and your purpose in a matter of seconds. It is the most personable way to get your ideas out there, second only to face-to-face interaction. Our brains are hard-wired to recognise the human face as a trustworthy source of information, and the simple sound of a human voice has a way of making content more meaningful.
  • Accessible: Video content is far more accessible than separate words or pictures. We can make your video content accessible to those with disabilities, those who use English as a second language or those who just want to read the text on screen rather than listen!
Talk with us about video!

If you are planning on producing your own video content, or need tips and advice on strategy, we want to help you to avoid common video production mistakes! Use the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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