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Your Video, Everywhere

The team at Newcast Studios collectively have over 20 years experience with international TV networks and global production houses. As a result, we are able to provide video for any occasion. We can film your event from many fixed angles in the highest definition for television, but we can also capture the action in the wild, with our run-and-gun equipment, for engaging behind-the-scenes content, edited for social media.

When you partner with Newcast Studios, you get the most experienced and professional team in Canberra. But don’t take our word for it, check out our latest video production projects!

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Live Streaming Canberra

Live stream in real-time, as it happens

Newcast Studios produces live streaming services for some of Australia’s most iconic institutions and offers a range of packages to suit every budget. We specialise in Facebook Live and YouTube streaming, offer advice on selling sponsorship, how to monetise views and get the highest viewer numbers.

We do it all – the setup, the IT department, the audio, the multiple camera angles – we take care of everything. Speaker slides, videos and sponsor messages can also be seamlessly included to enrich the audience experience and make your event a professional production.

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Video Production Canberra

Unique, Effective, Targeted

Online videos are the best at targeting an exact audience – better than TV, radio, and other traditional media. The team at Newcast Studios are Google accredited and Facebook experienced so we can make your ad reach your target audience and beyond.

Newcast Video Ads can play before videos begin on YouTube, in boosted posts on Facebook, and autoplay on Instagram and Twitter. We also offer rich metric tools so you can see your ad working in real time. You will have access to data that tells you where the audience saw your ad, how long they watched it for, and which keywords worked.

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Give your business some context

There’s no better medium to explain a product or service than animation. It lets us bend the laws of nature, providing the flexibility to bring a product to life. Animated icons, text, and music can simplify complex information for the benefit of your customers.

From bespoke illustrations and branding incorporation to using stock iconography, Newcast Studios can produce animations that speak to your audience. Check out our animation projects to see an example of visually communicating complex ideas.

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Live Streaming Canberra

Get in the media with a Video News Release

Dont wait for the media to come to you; send them a Video News Release of your next announcement or event.

Newcast Studios have helped clients to appear in local, national and online publications by producing a ‘VNR pack’ for release – a video news story combined with access to raw footage, photography and audio rip for radio.

From product launches to legislation releases, a VNR is the effective way to offer all media your story.

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Video Production Canberra

Get your brand out there

As more people use recording devices that let you skip TV commercials, along with ad-blocking software online, how does a brand get its message across? Branded content is an increasingly popular strategy. From sponsored magazine articles to online webisodes, music videos to short films, this kind of content is so entertaining, informative and engaging that consumers are happy to view and share it on their own. The marketing message may be upfront or almost invisible, but that is not important. It’s all about making people want to see it, rather than being forced or tricked into seeing it.

Facebook recently dropped its restriction around how branded content can be shared, which means this approach is only going to become more widespread in coming years. Check out some of the best examples of branded content for this decade so far…

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