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What can you imagine?

Newcast Studios provides an assortment of animation production services. Whether it’s dynamic titles and text or an eye-catching way to introduce your logo, we can create brilliant solutions for your business while sticking to your budget. Say you want to create a video ad for your business that is entirely animated – you must decide which sort of animation you need. Maybe you want a hand-drawn character or a stop-motion effect. Newcast can provide these in addition to the best strategy to make your idea come to life.

Animation, like Visualisations, can be used to enhance live-action video. Escape the mundanity of a fade-in for your logo or text by animating it! Textures and movement can help to shape the character of your brand without wasting precious seconds of your ad. Animation can also be used to bridge your ideas. It provides the opportunity to visualise something wild or impossible while avoiding expensive special effects, locations, and actors.

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