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Newcast is a full service video production and ad agency in Braddon. Why go to 3 companies when you can come to one? ...

Video Studio

Our walk-in multi-camera studio is located on Lonsdale Street, Braddon.   Newcast studios are for hire!   ...

Live Streaming

Newcast has a range of Live streaming packages. From simple streaming through to encrypted PPV and sponsors ad packs ...

Video Advertising

Show the world your business with Newcast Video Ads. Uniquely targeted for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. ...

Latest Video: CDC Fyshwick 1

Latest Video: PACT Beer Launch

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On Location Gallery

Every week Newcast films on a new location, somewhere in Australia or overseas.    

Studio Gallery

A selection of pictures from our studio located in Braddon    

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New products at Newcast

This year newcast has launched an exciting new video advertising production service with Google Adwords for video. L ...

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-What is accessible content and does my video need it?
From December 2012 all Federal, State and Local Government bodies are required to adhere to single A accessibility standards. By the end of 2014 they must adhere to double A standards. What does this mean for non-Government businesses? Accessible video content allows users with impairments to access your content. With the aging of the population, 1 in 4 people will soon have some form of impairment. That's 1 in 4 people not being able to watch your video!  At Newcast we recommend all businesses offer captions, audio descriptions and transcripts.
-Why should I use video on my website?
Video invites your clients to interact with your products and services. It raises your online profile via SEO to reach a truly global audience by allowing people to like and share. Unlike traditional mediums, online video is cheaper to produce, it can be viewed on your website or via social media sites and viewer metrics can be tracked so you can see exactly who has watched it. For more visit our FAQ page.
-What is the difference between single and multi-camera streaming?
The best way to describe the difference between using a single camera versus multiple cameras is simple: imagine watching your favourite sport on the TV with only one camera angle. Multiple cameras capture the entire event including the Q&A's.  When streaming or recording your event, its important to think about your target audience and what they want to see. Watching the same angle all day long will become boring for most viewers, adding camera angles to your live stream gives your viewers something to watch. For more information about live streaming visit out FAQ's page

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